Pentland Ferries

Pentland Ferries connect Scotland and the Orkney islands via the Pentland Firth and the scenic Scapa Flow, and operate on the route between Gills Bay and St Margaret's Hope.

A family-run company, Pentland Ferries sail the MV Pentalina which makes the crossing duration just under 1 hour.

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Pentland Ferries - Routes

Timetables Number of Crossings Duration
Gills Bay - St Margaret's Hope up to 4 per Day 1 hr
St Margaret's Hope - Gills Bay up to 4 per Day 1 hr

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What does my Pentland Ferries ferry crossing price include?
Your quote is for all passengers in your vehicle including the driver - or for all foot passengers if you are travelling without a vehicle.
Is a cabin included?
As the sailing time is just 1 hour, there is no accommodation on board your Pentland Ferries ferry crossing.
Are meals included?
No. There is a café available at the Gills Bay ferry terminal where hot drinks as well as hot and cold snacks can be purchased.
Can I travel with my pet with Pentland Ferries?
Yes, passengers can travel with their pet. The option to add your pet is available online for Pentland Ferries. See our travelling with your pet information page for further details.
What's available for the Kids?
Children will enjoy looking at the varied sealife from the decks of the ship. Depending on the time of year, they can look out for porpoises, orca, dolphins and Minke whales.

Pentland Ferries - Ports

Pentland Ferries - Pet Booking Information

You can take your pet on your Pentland Ferries crossing and the booking can be made online. Select the route you want and then select the number of pets you are travelling with.

Pets must travel either in your vehicle on the car deck or on the outer decks.

Note, that to travel with your pet abroad, you will require a pet passport. Please see our guide to travelling with your pet.